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Take a seat on the couch and let's talk about sex! It's an almost Freudian setting, so typical of Fin de Siècle Vienna, that filmmaker Ruth Beckerman creates in her new film MUTZENBACHER. But contrary to expectations, it is Beckerman who asks the questions, and it is men of different ages and backgrounds who share intimate thoughts about sex. The classic of Viennese porn literature “Mutzenbacher” (1906) serves as a starting point for discussions and proves that even a century later it still allows many different readings and evokes a variety of feelings, desires and fantasies.

Ruth Beckermann | Austria | 2022 | 100’ | OV with EN subs

PRE-FILM:  Explicit Reproduction of Obscene Subjects by Emma Fragorzi / Italy 2022 / 26 min / OV with en subs / documentary

Enrico is an under-motivated boy whose sexuality has been shaped by pornographic sites and erotic images. His happiness comes from two sources: his girlfriend Clarissa and pornography.

Tickets can be purchased directly on site at the Schikaneder - Festival headquarters / Top Kino.
Or you can buy it online via eventjet




19:00 - 21:00


Top Kino