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We shall never tire of emphasizing that sex is work and sex work must be legally protected. Sex workers and sex work, which are still marginalized, are the central subject of this selection. The collection aims to create a space where we can talk about sex work without prejudice. After all, it is a topic that needs to be discussed free of moral viewpoints and focused on the voices of sex workers, not guided by opinions about them.

NOBODY Marcela Jacobina, Portugal 2023, 00:11:00
In case the body exults Florian Genthial, France 2021, 00:07:00
SEXHIBITIONISM JorgeTheObscene, Chile 2021, 00:14:00
Two Way Helena Roig, Spain 2022, 00:14:00
Ferocious Courtney Trouble, United States 2022, 00:05:00
Eyes on Dulce Mahx Capacity, United States 2022, 00:10:12
Pointe to Please Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom 2022, 00:16:56

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Fortuna Kino