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Reclaiming Pleasure and Power

As digital and physical worlds increasingly converge, sexual expression, gender roles, and political power structures are being renegotiated. The influence of forums such as Pornhub, Grindr, Tinder, and even computer games & AI has become pervasive, creating new gateways to experience and perform sexuality. Against this backdrop, the relationship between power, gaze, and body in pornographic scenarios has become a subject of artistic investigation. Contemporary multimedia works featured in the exhibition challenge prevailing norms and explore the potential of pornography as a tool for resistance and emancipation. The goal is not simply to provoke or titillate, but to engage in critical reflection and imagine a future that is inclusive, equitable, and safe for all. Join us for a thought-provoking art exhibition that aims to shape the future of human sexuality by confronting the proliferation of pornography with works of films, gifs, sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography.

Participating Artists:
Offerus Ablinger, Danila Amodeo, Wilhelm Binder, Andreas Friedl, Iris Kaufman, Orçun Karamustafa, Rica Fuentes Martinez, Alix Lefebvre, Georgiana Nightingall, No_Pic_No_Chat, Ben Nordmann, NOSOX NOSEX, Sebastian Perinotti, Irena Pejcic, Leonardo Pavez, Thais de Almeida Prado, Hidéo SNES

Performance at Vernissage by Sergio Patricio

Curated by Jasmin Hagendorfer & Yavuz Kurtulmus

GAYT Gallery
Schönbrunner Str. 68, 1050 Vienna

07.04. VERNISSAGE start 18:30
08.04. - 15.04. mon - sat 14:00 - 18:00





14:00 - 18:00


Gayt Gallery