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Rafal Gaweda is a Berlin-based photography artist and filmmaker. The focus of Rafal varies from body-positive fetish imagery to photo-pornographic expressions of human bodies. Rafal Gaweda is the director of photography of Emre Busse's short film trilogy, the GODASSES, which they are proud to share with the audience of Porn Film Festival Vienna.


Lucio Massa
“Flesh don't lie. That's basically my idea of cinema. Something disturbing but also deeply true”.


Eva Kirsch (*1996) is a freelance video artist, camerawoman and curator studying Film at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. In her artistic and scientific practice she deals with documentary fictions as well as the materiality of cinematographic images. photo © Noemi Spano


Sara Trawöger (*1992, Linz) is now studying in the Master's program Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and in the Master's program Timebased Media at the University of Art and Design Linz. Since 2019, she has been performing with her electronic solo project ABRUPT, before Sara was the drummer of the band LA SABOTAGE, who released their debut album FEST on the Viennese label Fettkakao.
photo © Merthe Wulf


Aga Szreder / Rafal Zwirek - visual artists dealing with language of contemporary post-pornography. In art activity they focus on political and social problems from body and gender perspective. Warsaw based.


Amina Maher: This is what we need, the diversity, dialogue and openness that give us colors, shapes, and desires…
photo © francisca saez agurto


Ann Antidote (she/they) is a shibari performer and prolific DIY artist, active in film, installation, and sound, mostly in collaboration or in temporary autonomous zones. Her work has been present(ed) world wide, in contexts ranging -and without distinction - from reclaimed urban spaces, house-projects, sex-parties to art biennales, museums and galleries.


Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva (*1981, Gusev, RUS) studied object sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her films, art installations/interventions in public/digital space always take references to contested issues such as gender diversity, feminism or intercultural dialogue. Her aim is not to take the "right" side, but to encourage open discourse through the messages of her works.


Neon (they/them) is an activist and curator, and works mainly with cinema, theatre and their intersection with activism and queer politics. Since 2018 they work as co-director and curator for the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome. 


AntiGonna (Ukraine) is an independent filmmaker, queer-artist, actress and trash model. Research’s problems of fears, violence, death and new vision of sexuality. Work in such genres as video-art combined with a future film format and an experimental documentary, music video, virtual reality, photography.


Menelas Siafakas is a Greek photographer and film producer, based in Athens. He runs an annual queer arts festival called Civil Disobedience in Athens since 2011 and is the co-founder of the Queer Theatre Awards for Athens. Menelas has produced several films that were shown at international film festivals around the world.


Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and adult art-film director,working in Berlin and Barcelona. Even before his first work in the adult-filmindustry, Noel was always driven by his interest in art as a tool to break down taboos. As an auteur and cinematographer, he soon decided to push his stories past the pre-settled boundaries of erotic filmmaking and blur the lines between pornography and cinema.



Amélie Haller (1993) is an independent performance artist and curator working and living between Gießen, Munich and Marburg (Germany). In her artistic practice she is currently experimenting with tying together the human and animal, body and technology, fiction and 'reality'.
photo © Eva Kirsch


My name is Gersin-Livia Paya, I am Austrian & Iranian.
I am a journalist and multimedia producer working between Berlin and Vienna. The range goes from live radio shows about social politics, over directing music videos, to hosting TV shows about wild living wolves.