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Porn Film Festival
Vienna 2021
»4 years of porn«


The fourth edition of the Porn Film Festival Vienna was packed with literally so much: an art exhibition, juicy parties, and, of course, screenings over screening of pornographical films: short movies, documentaries and feature films. The fourth festival explored the questions of the last three years: »What is sex?«, »What is shame?« and »What is porn?«.  Opening film was the powerful and entertaining mockumentary »The Sad Girls of the Moutains«. 

Program 2021


This year’s edition of Porn Film Festival Vienna is not a retrospective! Yet, it is worth looking back over the last three years and again reflecting together the questions we already asked before. Presenting brand-new film material, once again we want to find out What is porn? (2018), What is shame? (2019) and What is sex? (2020).

You might chuckle, but it's not that simple! Because who has the normative power to define what we are dealing with? Where does sex start, where does it end? What is porn, what not? Why is the naked human body still perceived as a provocation and often gives rise to feelings of shame? And why, at the same time, can it be so liberating, so much fun and pleasure, to watch porn not just secretly at home in a dark corner, but publicly and together with other people on a big Silver Screen?

Mainstream discussions about porn simply label it off as a form of oppression - and whereas there is truth to this - it ignores the fact that there is an entire community of marginalized people who use it as a tool to reclaim the representation of their bodies, thereby threatening dominant patriarchal structures. For a long time, mainstream porn has had little to do with authentic sexuality. In the best case, it is a high-performance sport and in the worst case, inhuman and exploitive. As such, what is the solution? In the words of feminist sex-educator and theorist, Annie Sprinkle, “The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn… it’s to try and make better porn!” And we say, let’s not just lead an open and public discussion about porn, sexuality, body politics, and gender roles, but also shape porn culture through new impulses and our very own fantasies and desires! That this is not an easy task, we surely know!


Sex and shame are still closely connected and the naked body itself is still as politically charged as nothing else. But why not use the political power of bodies and sexualities to articulate a body-positive answer to all the shaming, to create sex-positive spaces, and to break taboos! To sum it up, why not make the world a better place through better sex and better porn? 

Topics that make supposedly private matters public – and thus political! – deserve to be discussed unprejudiced, open, and controversial. Therefore, the Porn Film Festival Vienna wants to take a stand: We want to promote diversity, sexual freedom, and self-determination. We want to put a focus on feminist and queer productions, an important step to show the diversity of people, their bodies, and their desires. We want to offer a platform for pornography in its various manifestations! Because guess what? Porn is not only the “smutty cesspool” many people think it is. The Porn Film Festival Vienna wants to provide an open and welcoming space for reception, discussion, and reflection and to challenge and broaden horizons. Because porn can be lustful, honest, friendly, and self-determined!

At a time, when once again we have to defend abortion or LGBTQI* rights - e.g., in Poland or Hungary -, when due to climate change, we should rather fuck each other than our planet, when a global pandemic challenges our everyday lives, and therefore too our sexuality, in such a time, we say, a porn film festival can be more than just entertaining! It can also be empowering, visionary, utopian, sustainable, solidary, and unifying! 
Yavuz Kurtulmus / Jasmin Hagendorfer
Founder & Festival Director / Co-Founder & Creative Director


The Porn Film Festival Vienna has analysed sex, gender, and politics through a pornographic lens for over three years. In an increasingly hybrid and fragmented world, it is a commonplace that we constantly need to renegotiate the politics of our bodies, sexualities, and pornography. This year we are focusing on the three main themes of the festival, the questions: "What is Porn?", "What is Shame?" and "What is Sex?". The result can be seen in our hands-on, real-world exhibition. 

But in a more and more hybrid world, where digital and physical worlds meet, the shape of sex, gender, pornography, and politics is renegotiated in the virtual and physical day-to-day interactions. Forums like Pornhub, Grindr, Tinder, even a lot of computer games, are a significant gateway to experience and perform sexuality and ultimately (re)create power structures. We cannot not talk about them, to paraphrase McLuhan, because we would neglect a big chunk of the sexualities of the 21st century. Alas, this year's festival will come with an additional online update. We created a MOZILLA HUB for the PFFV! A virtual exhibition space! Let the bright light of post porn politics shine on all the dark unspoken corners of the internet! 

Curated by Joshua Alena & Jasmin Hagendorfer
An exhibition cooperation between PFFV & monochrom

Location physical: Raum D, MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
Location online: Mozilla Hub:

Thea Ehre, Daniel Hill, YOUPRON, Aaron Moth, Hidéo SNES, Anthoniy Val, Iztok Klančar, Ann Antidote, Diana Andrei, Damien Thorn, Leon Chevalier, Natalia Portnoy, Luca P.O.R.N.A.M.O.R.E., Feline Hjermind, Offerus Ablinger, Olivia Scheucher, Benjamin Brommer, Christiane Peschek, Nick Romeo Reimann, Kenneth Constance Loe

October 2 - 10, 2021
open October 3 - 10, 2021 / 3 PM - 7:30 PM / 3-G Rule + FFP2
Vernissage: 02.10.2021
open 6 PM - 10 PM / 3-G Rule + FFP2
“Chez Hidéo’s Cake Porn" by Hidéo SNES
2.10. starting 6 PM
“Fugue Four: Response” by Olivia Scheucher & Thea Ehre & Nick Romeo Reimann & Luca P.O.R.N.A.M.O.R.E.
2.10. starting 7 PM & 9.10. starting 4 PM

Fiction Jury


Andreas Brunner has been active in the Vienna LGBTIQ+ movement since the late 1980s, in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, as an employee of the first gay bookstore "Löwenherz", co-founder of the Rainbow Parade and as an exhibition curator.

Since 2009 he has been co-director of QWIEN - Center for Queer History, carries out research and publications on queer city history, the development of queer city walks and the establishment of an archive for the history of LGBTIQ+ in Vienna.


Manuela Kay, born and raised in West Berlin.
Journalist, author, and co-managing director of Special Media SDL Verlag, co-publisher and co-CEO of the magazines "Siegessäule - Queer in Berlin" and "L-MAG - Das Magazin für Lesben".

She has published several books, including "Schöner Kommen" (Querverlag, 2000), made sex-positive films such as "Airport" (1994), was co-producer of "Fucking Different XXX" to which she contributed the short film "Blümchensex" and has been co-organizer and curator of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin since 2007.


NO_PIC_NO_CHAT is a  visual artist. He creates movies, photography and objects. Since 2018 he explores the representation of masculinity and intimacy in photography.

His work is strongly based on the theory of monomyth by Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) and Carl Gustaw Jung (The Red Book). He makes an artistic statement refering to collective archetypes through videos and the creation of objects and performative situations

Documentary Jury


Alice Erik Anouk Moe is a queer, sexpositive, interspecial, subculture-addicted, fashion and genderfcking, drag performing activist who considers themselves Genderfluid & intersectional in expression and personality.

They are an art medium working with their body to show binaries, contradictions, dichotomies in order to overcome the dividing dogmas that for decades have been tearing us apart through art mediums such as film, video, talks, vlogs, poetry, interviews, performance, shows, music & social work. 


Paul Poet, born 1971 in Abqaiq, Saudi-Arabia, is an internationally acclaimed Austrian Film Director and Author, studied philosopher, curator and culture journalist, a denizen of Viennas punk and electronica scenes and the erotic underground of the 90s.

He continually mixes pop culture and political activism with the core theme of individual freedom in a more and more close-knit World Order. He currently prepares his first narrative cinema feature with Ulrich Seidl (Dog Days, Goodnight Mommy) as his producer.


Emre Busse, born in 1990, Istanbul, Turkey. Emre Busse worked as head curator of the Berlin based queer art project, Pornceptual between 2014 – 2017. During his Pornceptual years, he co-directed numerous porn and documentary movies including, “Hyper-Masculinity On The Dance Floor” and “Landlords - Economics of S&M Apartments in Berlin”. In March 2017, he co-curated the exhibition called “ğ-queer forms migrate” in Schwules Museum* Berlin (LGBT History Museum of Berlin) supported by the Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Emre Busse is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Freie University Berlin, focusing on gay ‘ethnic’ pornography in post national Europe.

International Shorts Jury


Johnny Love is the stage name of Vienna based director, dj and media artist David Kleinl. Best known for his role as the singer of the alternative pop duo Tanz Baby! he later became a music video director for artist such as Bilderbuch or Ankathie Koi. By the end of the 1990s he used pornographic imagery for the first time in multimedia performances with his then experimental rock band Charmant Rouge. 

He studied media art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the ZKM Karlsruhe. His first porn film „ACTION 1“ was awarded for best Austrian short at our festival in 2019. 


Kitty Willenbruch / Comedian Sideshow Extravaganza / Super B Movie Scream Queen / Salon Kitty Revue Master Mind / Jury Member of Landshut Kurzfilm Festival and Cinestrange Festival for Dead Line Magazine 

Nominated as the most Beautiful Tattooed women in the World by Tattoo Magazine California, that was in the 90ies bitches, yes she’s not looking that old! 


Doris Posch is a film and media scholar and a lecturer at the University of Vienna, Austria. She loves doing research and teaching on transnational, postcolonial, and emerging filmmaking and keeps herself busy with lectures and panels on African and Caribbean film cultures and Diasporas, gender politics, intersectionality and film festival research, and hosting masterclasses and panel discussions at the intersection of film theory and practice.

She is co-founder of CineCollective and since 2019, she is co-director and curator of the open air film fest Kaleidoskop – Urbanities Film Festival at Karlsplatz, Vienna.