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Our exhibition wants to celebrate five years of Porn Film Festival Vienna, but also trace the evolution of porn and art from the legalization of visual pornography in the 1960s to today's fourth-wave feminism, and looks at how art has been affected by changing pressure on pornography. What are the consequences when the boundaries of what people can encounter in public spaces change rapidly?

Our 2022 exhibition wants to deal with the past, present, and future of sex. How do new technologies shape our perspective on sex and porn? How do new body landscapes emerge? How do taboo and provocation work in new media spheres? Is transhumanist technological change an important new option in the debate about radical erotic change, or just new vaporware? Join us! We want to see your naughty visuals, art experiments, insights, creative instigations!

The 5th edition of the PFFV exhibition will take place April 18-24, 2022 (exact exhibition dates TBA). Togehter with Creative Cluster we will present selected artworks at the "Turnhalle" of the Creative Cluster Building. Innovative ideas are highly appreciated and physical exhibition pieces (installation, performance, video, paintings, you name it)! The festival accepts entries as of now. The submission deadline is March 20, 2022. All entries will be evaluated and chosen by the team, production costs cannot be covered. Please fill out the attached form for each artwork you want to submit to the festival. We are looking forward to your submission! 

We want to see your artworks on: sex, sexual identity, crisis of sex, porn, erotic aesthetics, bodies in our society, post porn politics, glitter cum, homemade realness, kinkyness, campy sexy, gender celebration, leather & latex freedom, nakedness, future of sex, etc. Be skinny, fragile, alien, positive, saintly, devillish, tough, fat, royal, shameless, rude, vanilla, rough playing - we want it all!