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Dear lovely audience of the Porn Film Festival Vienna!
Since it is especially important to us to create a safe and enjoyable festival
experience for all of us, we dove deeeeeeeeep
into the Covid-19 measures.
Please follow the following guidelines during the festival: 

There will be only a limited capacity of seatings within the different locations of the festival. There will be no free choice of seats. Seats are assigned by checkerboard pattern.

Please wear an MNP (mouth nose protection) to cover your mouth and nose in the locations during your whole stay. This applies also during the screenings and during the workshops/lectures.

There will be a one-way street system both when buying tickets and during the entrance and exit at the cinema or lecture venues. So, one-way only... no threesomes or foursomes or gangsomes! ;-)

When buying a ticket, you will be given the option of providing your name and/or phone number/email address for contract tracing. For us, this is a good way to be able to contact you whenever something happens. Your data will be stored for contact tracing purposes only and securely destroyed after 28 days. We do not make use of these for any smutty newsletter. Promise!

This year there will be no lube, but disinfection! Please use it often!

Our whole team will clean and disinfect surfaces such as door handles on a regular basis.
To avoid crowds in the foyers, we ask you to arrive shortly before the movie starts, or buy tickets in advance (festival center is open from September 28 onwards). After the screening, please exit through the gift sh… uh… the emergency exits (Schikaneder, Top Kino & Das Gugg) respectively.

Ventilation is provided at the venues between the individual events.

Whenever you feel sick, feel hot (you know, having a fever), take the appropriate measures. Stay at home in your beds and have a lot of fun there... for example with our online screenings!
Since we are smutty nerds we have of course worked out a prevention concept for all our events, screenings and ticket sales. Safety first! And we also have Covid-19 representatives - just in case. 

Stay safe and stay sexy! We wish everyone a pleasant festival experience and lots of fun!