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abtreiben ist okay! WORKSHOP



How can we identify and address the stigma of abortion? How can we approach abortion care as a community task? How can abortion-support look like? What are the medical basics we should all know about abortion? And what assumptions do we carry in ourselves? In this interactive workshop we approach abortion from an anti- stigma activist perspective in which we start talking about fears, stereotypes, media-narratives, worries, hopes, abortion-care and reproductive justice. There is a lot to learn when it comes to abortion. Let’s begin, by asking and talking about these questions.

This workshop will be conducted in GERMAN and is addressed to all genders. There will be free posters and stickers of the campaign “Abtreiben ist Okay!”.

Workshop by Anne Kühlmeyer [she/her].

Limited capacity. Tickets via EVENTJET




12:30 - 14:30


Aids Hilfe Wien