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closing PARTY



Closing Party with ACHTBRÜSTE

ACHTBRÜSTE is a collective of cross (in)disciplinary FLINTAs, and above all a means to create a soft-space of learning and unlearning, creativity, exploration, self-expression and of constant metamorphosis. 
We focus on playing mostly feminist Brazilian funk (as well as some reggaeton) sounds, with emphasis on FLINTA and BIPOC artists. 
We want to create a safer space where we can collectively create energizing and fun moments to rest from the feminist struggles of everyday, and booty shaking - lots and lots of booty shaking. 

It’s so special for us to share with Vienna the sex and body positiveness, empowerment, fun and resistance energy of Brazilian funk, creating connections and (body) movements across borders and cultures. 
Because there is nothing the patriarchy hates more than a group of damned feminists making noise and moving their bodies shamelessly, and we give them exactly what they want! 

Come shake your bumbuns with us amigues! 

free entry - find the hot tunes directly in Schikaneder Bar!




22:00 - 0:00