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Do you want to explore your dominant side? Do you own a pussy and want to use it to submit your partner?
Do you want to explore your submissive side? To completely surrender and be in full trust of what is about to happen to you?
Then this explicit workshop is meant for you!
Our aim is to create a safe space where you can get out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of playing.
We will cover: consent & negotiation, warm up games to get a feel of the dominant/submissive energy, laying out a step by step play script and finally playing the script.
The workshop is suitable for curious beginners in the game of domination, as for advanced kinksters.
The play may contain: face-sitting, face-slapping, impact play, breath play and whatever sparks your imagination.

Doms: Vulva havers only
Subs: Everyone,  please come pre-matched: Bring your own Dom or Sub. No matching during the workshop. Both, dom and sub, need each one ticket.

Shir always wanted to play the dominant, but it was too far out of her comfort zone, until she crossed that line and discovered her own kind of play, being herself and being dominant. It feels liberating and so much fun! 
Till is a switch and bratty by nature. He loves to give away control and to sink into the trusting role of a submissive. And he is very much into facesitting.

This workshop by Shir [she/her] and Till [he/him] will be held in ENGLISH.
BRING YOUR OWN: Yogamatte & Toys! Bed sheet or blanket! Something to write.

Limited capacity. Tickets via EVENTJET




13:30 - 15:30


Aids Hilfe Wien