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Embodied self love



What better way to start the day than with some embodied self-love? 
In this workshop, we'll create a facilitated space that brings us into our body in a conscious way, to then develop into a personal self-focused practice yet shared experience of self-pleasure. We'll break down and expand the concept of what self-love can be - be it soft sensual caressing or vigorous masturbation.

What exactly happens at the Selflove workshop?
We start with an opening circle, we shake our bodies and we dance in whatever way feels comfortable to two songs to arrive in our bodies. You are invited to create your own little self-pleasure nest/ place and if it attracts you, you can choose some toys or objects to explore sensations. Music plays, and I guide you through this self-love ritual for 45 minutes. We end it by integrating in stillness, followed with a closing circle. You can touch every part of your body, including your genltals. I encourage you to dive deep into playfulness, sensuálity and pleasúre. You can have your eyes open or closed, and be as dressed or undressed as you like. There's also the option to cover yourself with a blanket. There is the possibility to try out new toys (which I bring from my personal collection ) or bring your own.
The intention is to focus on yourself during the Ritual and do not engage physically with others.

Janina Vivianne is a sex-positive activist and event organizer. She is working in Europe to spread sex - & body-positivity and awareness regarding consent & safer sex. She is also the creator of The Parallel Universe - An Adult Playground and Festival of Sensations. 2018 she co-founded Sex-Aware - a Safer Sex Association and the Sex-positive Community Europe project. She teaches workshops on intimacy, self-love and safer sex around Europe. 

The workshop by Janina Vivianne will be held in English. Please bring your own lungi and/or blanket
Limited capacity. Tickets via EVENTJET




11:00 - 13:00


Aids Hilfe Wien