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pffv 2023
award ceremony



The Porn Film Festival Vienna concludes each year with an exciting awards ceremony. It's the highlight of the festival, where the winners of the various categories are presented with their awards. The ceremony is a celebration of creativity and sexual expression in film, honoring those who have pushed the boundaries of art and pornography. 

Eric Big Clit, the host of the Porn Film Festival Vienna award ceremony, is a drag king monster who draws inspiration from the sex-positive, queer, and feminist spheres. Their performances reflect the motto of genderfluid and genderfluids. Eric's aim is to showcase that change and representation are always possible and that it's a process. Their performances range from glittery bodies to exploring the dark corners of the human psyche, all while taking a non-judgmental approach. 

After the award ceremony, there will be a party in the Schikaneder cinema where guests can mingle and celebrate with the filmmakers, performers, and festival team. It's a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry and celebrate the achievements of the festival.

Free entry. Bring your best mood!




22:30 - 23:30