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"The future of sex" – the motto of the PFFV 2023 - a suitable slogan to improve and develop the accessibility of the film festival and the side events in the future. For the first time there will be a workshop, in which we would like to deal with the topic of "Accessibility". We, Daniela and Cornelia,  would like to make the topic of sex and porn accessible to all interested people, create a "safer space" and non-discriminatory spaces for everyone to feel good.

"People with disabilities are not disabled, they are being disabled!"

Disabilities arise from the interaction of people and their environment. There are barriers almost everywhere, excluding groups affected by discrimination. Be it the steps at the entrance to a venue or the online ticket booking system that is not barrier-free... - we would like to enter into an exchange and dialogue with interested people in the workshop, share knowledge, experiences and ideas, jointly identify discriminatory mechanisms , question, counteract and stand up for a mindful interaction with each other. We invite all people to this workshop who want to make a contribution to the future design of the Porn Film Festival Vienna through their experience, knowledge or simply through new ideas.

The workshop will be in German language.
Facilitators: Daniela Rammel & Cornelia Anzengruber
FREE ENTRY. No registration needed. Limited Capacity.





18:30 - 20:00


Aids Hilfe Wien