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A desperate killer, consumed by the chaos of the city, abandons it all and embarks on a journey that leads him to a mysterious witch deeply connected to nature. Their encounter sparks a strange and organic relationship that blurs the line between life and death. Despite their opposing powers - one who takes life and the other who gives it back - their coexistence remains difficult, if not impossible. As their daily lives are captured on film, their starkly contrasting personalities are exposed through moments of noise, silence, fury, and dissonance. Strange and absurd events unfold, as chaos, matter, cruelty, solitude, emptiness, instinct, and impulses (of life and death, of passion and destruction) intertwine. This is a vortex of drama and fantasy where reality remains tangible, a jump into the void of fear and memories, where Eros and Thanatos collide.

Christophe Karabache | fiction | France | 2019 | 83' |FR OV & EN subs

Tickets can be purchased directly on site at the Schikaneder - Festival headquarters / Top Kino.
Or you can buy it online via EVENTJET




21:00 - 23:00


Top Kino